How Does A Regular Car Servicing Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

How Does A Regular Car Servicing Increase Your Fuel Efficiency?

How Does A Regular Car Servicing Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

November 16, 2021

How Does A Regular Car Servicing Increase Your Fuel Efficiency?

Are you one of those who also wonder how does regular car servicing increase your fuel efficiency? if yes then this blog is the right choice for you.

Saving a plethora of money on your car is pretty straightforward than your contemplation! It’s possible to boost fuel efficiency approx 30% by performing regular car servicing. Moreover, it can be improved by simply looking after your car and paying significant attention to how you drive!
As fuel efficiency is every driver’s top priority, several factors to consider that can affect a car’s energy effectiveness. Apart from your annual MOT, visiting your nearby auto repair shop for car servicing and maintenance is imperative.
Professional mechanics can help improve your car’s fuel efficiency by doing regular car servicing. So, without further ado, let’s check out how appropriate car maintenance can enhance your car’s life and fuel efficiency.

How Does A Regular Car Servicing Increase Your Fuel Efficiency: A Complete Guide

Check Tyre Pressure

The technicians of the best auto care shop in Perth can check and adjust the pressure of your car’s tyres once a month. Hence, it can enhance your car’s fuel efficiency by 3%.

Fix problems straight away

Fixing a car that has failed an emission or is out of tune can significantly boost its gas mileage by approximately 4%. More importantly, fixing a faulty oxygen sensor or any serious maintenance issue can drastically improve fuel efficiency by approx 40%!

Changing Air Filters

The veteran technicians of auto repair services of Perth can replace a clogged air filter of a jalopy with a carbureted engine. It can help boost fuel acceleration and economy by a few % compared to normal replacement conditions.
Changing a jammed air filter on cars with computer-controlled gasoline and fuel-injected engines or even diesel engines is unable to improve fuel economy but can boost acceleration.

Gear up

You should get into the major habit of moving up to a higher gear as soon as you can! This is because higher gears are highly economical concerning fuel consumption.

Upgrade your Motor Oil

It’s possible to boost your gas mileage by approx 1-2% by easily making a quick up-gradation of the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil. Using 10W-30 motor oil in an engine of 5W-30 can reduce your fuel efficiency by approximately 1-2%.
Likewise, using 5W-30 oil for 5W-20 could also reduce your fuel efficiency by 1-1.5%. Moreover, you have to search for those motor oils that showcase “Energy Conserving” on its API performance symbol to ensure it consists of friction-lowering additives.

How does Maintenance Boost Fuel Efficiency?

Lowering the Chance of Failure

Regular car servicing by the mechanics of a general car repair shop can help mitigate the risk of component failure. Also, they help you retain your car’s quality for longer times. If your car sounds smooth, drives easily, and doesn’t display any issues, the probabilities are higher; it’s operating with maximized fuel efficiency.
Therefore, the best-in-class way to acquire a lowered chance of failure and enhanced fuel economy is by making regular appointments with the technicians of the best car service in Perth.

Getting Quick Solutions

Several car-related issues can emerge out of the blue, which can influence fuel efficiency. But your local mechanics of auto repair shop in Perth are endowed with adequate tools and expertise to solve every problem. They can take care of the below-mentioned things:

  • Brake drag
  • Grimy or leaking engine oil
  • Poorly tuned engines
  • Dirty air filters
  • Improperly aligned tyres

All such crucial things drastically impact how well your car drives and how effectively it incinerates fuel. Therefore, it’s necessary to go to a professional mechanic who can perfectly diagnose these problems.

Protecting Car’s Tyres

It’s necessary to keep checking on the tyre condition that incorporates everything from air pressure to tread depth! As leaking tyres or worn tyres can adversely impact your car’s fuel efficiency, the auto repair services provided by Perth mechanics can ensure its top-notch condition by keeping it steady. Moreover, they can let you know the exact time when to replace your tyres to avoid hassles.

Making Sure of Proper Air Filtration

A grimy air filter provides a reduced fuel efficiency depending on the car’s type. In general, the air filters in your car affect your vehicle acceleration, performance, and many more. Therefore, a regular car servicing by the professionals can ensure if it’s cleaned or inform you its exact time for changing.


Working with professionals will help you remain stress-free every time! The aforementioned things showcased the necessity of regular maintenance by the mechanics of the general car repair shop. So, the better your technicians are, the more credible and effective maintenance your car will get!
The mechanics of Auto Service Perth can assess the issues carefully, provide solutions, and boost your car’s fuel efficacy due to having several tools. So, book an appointment today with the mechanics of Auto Service Perth and avail of its best-repairing services at reasonable prices.

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