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Car Detailing

Car Detailing

As an owner of a car, you will always want your car to have a stunning appearance. But for that, you must make sure that the car receives enough care, including regular car detailing services. When a top-quality car wash and cleaning service is provided, your car can offer the best performance, and it will have a great resale value.

At our car detailing shop, we recruit top-rated individuals who use genuine products to provide the best quality services. We offer flexible plans where you can choose the best car detailing package that will meet your requirements.

The whole detailing procedure consists of several cleaning procedures for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Services include car interior vacuum cleaning, interior cleaning, upholstery cleaning, seat cleaning, tire and guard dressings, windshield cleaning, use of wax covering, etc. When you choose us, you can be assured of the best looks for your car for years to come.

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Our Car Detailing Includes

At our workshop, you will find the following car detailing services.

  • Seat treatment: Over time, car seats get dirty. Our experts will carry out intensive cleaning of the leather seats to remove all dirty spots.
  • Headlight restoration: In this service, a reworking of old and dull headlights is done to restore their original condition.
  • Paint correction and polish services: A crack in the car paint can lead to rusting on the iron surface. So, whenever you notice something like this, you should immediately call our experts and get it fixed. With our polish services, your car gets the best appearance.
  • Cleaning of car interior: Our experts are capable of cleaning everything, ranging from coffee spills to cola stains. They can clean even the tighter surface of your car. While cleaning, they cover every major to minor detail of the car interior, including seats, windows, dashboards, and mats.
  • Carpet deep clean: Our experts use top-quality cleaning materials to offer effective cleaning of the floor mats and rugs.
  • Wheel polish: In this service, brake residue is removed to give the car wheels an appealing look.

Why Choose Us?

At Auto Service Perth, you will receive the best treatment of professional car detailing services in Perth, which will meet your car requirements and expectations. The reasons why our customers choose us over any car service in Perth are as follows.

  • When it comes to car detailing, our experts use a combination of skills and experience.
  • You will receive the best quality car services at affordable prices, and our experts work according to the client’s area, schedule, and spending plan.
  • Their year-long experience in car cleaning has taught them to focus on providing adequate attention to every detail.
  • Our industry-trained mechanics are also capable of delivering a vast range of specialist services so that you can find everything in a single place.

For the most loyal experience with your car servicing, contact us. What you only need is to give us a call, and our expert will reach your doorstep.

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We have kept the booking appointment procedure simple, as you just have to make a phone call or our number or send us an email. Our expert will contact you as soon as possible and after inspecting your car we will provide a complete quotation along with a price list so that there is not any scope of miscommunication with our clients.

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