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Logbook Service

Logbook Service

Logbook servicing includes services that are done according to the books of the manufacturer of the car. Auto Service Perth is a top-ranked car service provider where logbook servicing is done according to the particular logbook prerequisites so that the warranty is not affected.

Our logbook servicing will make sure that your vehicle maintains a standard condition throughout the whole year. When it comes to logbook services, our experts do only what is needed as per instructions written in the book so that you can get the best of your car. Technicians working here have adequate experience and use advanced technology in providing certifiable and speedy service to your car.

We are one of the best car repairing and servicing shops that makes sure that your car gets serviced as quickly as possible without any negligence in quality. Over these years, our team has provided services for all makes and models of cars, which has made them capable of dealing with all kinds of car issues.

Our Logbook Service Includes

Irrespective of what kind of service you need from us, our experts will ensure that you are satisfied at the end of the day. When you choose us for car service according to the logbook, it will improve its resale value and help in extending its lifespan. Experts usually recommend having the service done after six months or the first 10000 km, depending on whichever comes earlier. Our customers are provided with the following logbook services in Perth.

  • Changing the oil channel and motor oil
  • Brake appraisal and adjustment
  • Changing the pressures
  • Testing the PC battery
  • Checking fan belts
  • Checking radiator hoses
  • Checking the markers and lights

In addition, if any other logbook service is available, which is particularly mentioned by the car manufacturer, our experts will complete it according to the guidance. All these services are provided by professionals who have adequate knowledge about their car specifications.

When it comes to log book servicing, we always put our clients’ priorities first so that you can get the best services. Following are the reasons that make us the most trusted car repair service provider by all the customers.

  • Genuine and honest approach: Our experts deal with the car like it is their own.
  • Team of experts: A dedicated team of experienced and talented experts take care of the cars.
  • Affordable price: The cost of our logbook service is highly affordable, with no hidden costs involved.
  • Genuine spare parts: Another beneficial feature of our services is that we use high quality and branded car parts. Replacement and repairs are provided according to specific car make and models.
  • Use of the most advanced technology: Our mechanics are well aware of the most recent technological advancements and hardware to provide certified services for your car.
  • Complete diagnosis: Our experts will first carry out a complete diagnosis so that the exact problem can be easily traced out. Once the diagnosis is made, our customers are informed about the prices.

Car logbook servicing is a vital requirement, but at the same time, it should be carried out by an experienced car mechanic. To make sure you get them both, call us.

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