Driving Tips to Maintain Your Car Tyre in an Effective Way

Driving Tips to Maintain Your Car Tyre in an Effective Way

Driving Tips to Maintain Your Car Tyre in an Effective Way

March 03, 2022

Driving Tips to Maintain Your Car Tyre in an Effective Way

If you are the one who also wants to know driving tips to maintain your car tyre in an effective way then read this blog till the end. Tyres are an essential part of your vehicle. They are the only thing that comes between you and the road. You can stay safe and save your money too by ensuring that your car tyres are properly maintained.

You will not require tyre replacement if your tyres are well-maintained. A well-maintained tyre can improve your fuel efficiency driving performance and last longer.

Driving Tips to Maintain Your Car Tyre

Some ways by which you can maintain car tyres and ensure their longevity are as follows:

Keep the tires properly inflated

The under or over-inflated tyres might not brake, accelerate, or steer properly. You need to check your tyre pressure at least once a month when it is cold.
They need to be checked before you go out for a drive; there are chances that you might need to go for tyre replacement.

Maintain your car tyre by rotating them regularly

When you rotate your car tyres, their life is extended, and performance is enhanced. Experts advise that you rotate your tyres once every six months or every 10,000 to 12,000 km.

Get a wheel alignment

To avoid improper tread wear, you need to get a wheel alignment every year or after 25,000 km. The daily impacts such as railroad crossings or potholes can easily knock the tyres of your cars with time.

Ensure that the tyres are balanced

When you have an unbalanced tyre, it can lead to fast and premature tyre tread wear. It would help get your tyres balanced every time you rotate/install or change your tires.

Often inspect your tyres

When you go to a tyre-fitting service, you have to check your tyre pressure and keep an eye out for bugs or cracks, punctures, uneven tread wear, or objects lodged in the tire.

Change the tyres according to the season

In some countries, tires are changed according to the season; some tyres are designed differently to match driving conditions. If you use winter tyres during summer and vice versa, your tyres will wear faster than expected.

Do not mix and match tyres

While replacing one or two tyres simultaneously might seem cost-effective, it could lead to rapid mechanical problems or uneven tread wear if tyres are mismatched.

Maintain your car tyres by replacing them

You need to pay attention to the tyre lead to know whether you need to replace your tyres. Tyres are manufactured with wear bars, and when the bar is exposed, you need to replace them.

Ensure that the punctured tyres are repaired well

Depending on the seriousness of the puncture or the size of the object lodged into your tyre, it can easily be repaired. But if you cannot fix it yourself, you need to go to an auto care shop.

Store spare tyres the correct way

You need to ensure that your tyres are clean and free of grease, gasoline and other substances that could damage the rubber. If you store your tyres indoors, you need to ensure that it is in an excellent, clean and dark location free of sunlight.
If you store the tires outdoors, you need to ensure that the tyres are raised off the ground and have a waterproof covering with holes to prevent moisture build-up.

Maintain your car tyres with proper tyre pressure

One of the essential aspects to maintain your car tyres is to check and maintain the correct tyre pressure. The owner manual can inform you about the right pressure required for your tyres.

Tyres of a car lose air pressure after continuous driving and must be refilled every month. You need to check the pressure every four weeks on every tyre. The best time to review the tyres is in the morning when it is cold.

It would be better if you also kept an eye on the PSI level of spare wheels monthly. You can choose to fill your car tyres with nitrogen that needs to be checked once in two months.

Avoid unpredictable behaviour

You have to reduce the excessive and unpredictable braking to maintain the life of your car tyres. Sudden acceleration leads to proper reduction of wear of the tyres.

Regular tyres are not created for burnouts or power slides. Even if you get the smell of burnt rubber entices near you, you need to avoid such gimmicks on your tyres.

Such gimmicks put excess strain on the tyres, resulting in you visiting car repair shops to buy new tyres. You need to avoid doing things that put pressure on your tyres.

Contact A Car Repair Shop

Even after taking care of your tyres, if any problem occurs, then you need to visit an auto care shop. You need to ensure that your tyres are in great shape to not get in trouble in the middle of the road.

You can contact Auto Service Perth; we are one of the best car repair stores and have many experienced technicians who can replace or solve different problems in your car’s tyres.

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